Monday, June 11, 2007

Jewelry for Kidneys!

Ok, I know, bizarre header, but hopefully it will get your attention!

Elijah Wyman is a musician and indie shop owner who is trying to raise money to cover the medical expenses to get a new kidney. Many other indie shop owners are trying to help him in his goal, because they're awesome like that. One such good-hearted person is Jen of Tilting Swiftly/Indie Fixx. You can see her necklace auction here! I love the beautiful combination of wood, peridot, and silver, so I have the current high bid. As much as I love to have gorgeous jewelry, I love it when charities make lots of money even more... So please feel free to attempt to out-bid me! And spread the word!

Today's Cool Thing is jrosebud's Indie*Galore Blog. Of course, I'm a little biased as to the coolness due to being an advertiser there... But I'm allowed to be biased! Indie*Galore is a great source for nifty items. I like how she posts a lot of adorable nature-themed goodies.


  1. Thanks for blogging about this - I hadn't heard about it before. I just put in a bid!

  2. No way! I won the auction!! :)

  3. I saw over on your blog! Congrats :)

    I love how blogs make it so much easier to get the word out about a good cause.