Monday, May 03, 2010

My first (official) solo

The above picture was taken by my friend and classmate Jen. Thank you, Jen!

So, I've danced solos before, for visiting friends and family, and at the Tahoe retreat. But Friday night was my first time performing a solo at an organized event, for a decent-sized audience (actually, the audience was so big that I almost freaked out). Judging by the number of compliments I got afterwards (even from people who don't know me), I'm guessing I did pretty good! I haven't actually watched the video yet, so I don't know for sure. I'm going to bask in the glow of feeling talented before I watch the video and nitpick all the things I did wrong.

I performed to "The Hunt" by Niyaz. The song is about a man who goes out hunting, but everything that he sees reminds him of his beloved, so he can't bring himself to kill anything. It's a favorite song of mine, both because of the meaning and because it's both beautiful and energetic. A lot of fun to dance to.

For my costume, I went with simple and elegant, rather than trying to schlep huge skirts and lots of layers up to Tempe with me. I'm wearing olive green flare-leg pants and tie-back choli, over which I layered a teal shantung silk panel skirt and cropped tie-top/vesty thing (with lovely light olive ties). Of course it's accented with lots of jewelry and hair goodies and the malachite bindi that I made the other day.

I was reasonably nervous, especially since I had to follow up a solo by a well-known local teacher, and dance on an actual stage instead of the floor. But not only did Kim of Plaza de Anaya give me a loving and warm introduction, but several of my friends from my various classes were sitting front and center with big smiles, making lots of noise. Their presence really carried me through those first scary moments until I could lose myself in the music!

I'll post the video when I can, but it's currently on Chris's laptop... which is in Texas with him.

(By the way, I did not end up dancing the drum solo, my classmate Marlene did a wonderful solo performance of it!)


  1. AJ, you did a fabulous job! Your dedication and love of the dance is what makes having the studio such a pleasure. To watch you get up on that stage with your beautiful costume and great attitude was such a delight.

    Thank you for being a part of our Family!

    Kimberly & Tiffany
    Plaza de Anaya

  2. Good for you! I'm sure you did wonderfully, since you take your dancing so seriously. I hope to see you dance live sometime!


  3. You look great! And see, the big audience is good!

  4. Awww, thank you Kimberly and Tiffany :) I really appreciate having been able to do my first solo in such a loving environment. Thank you for welcoming me into your dance family!

    Joann, I also hope you'll get the chance to see me dance live someday :)

    Julie, huzzah for me indeed ;D

    Thank you, Marilee! My friends spent all weekend telling me that I need to wear more teal. The big audience was still scary!