Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sale sale SALE!

I'm having a sale in my Etsy shop! Click here to view my brand-new sale section! There's fantasy, tribal, steampunk and more. Please note that if you purchase two or more sale items, I will refund your shipping costs. This even goes for international orders.

What do all of these sale items have in common? They're all made with stone or shell beads. The sale is inspired by the fact that Rings & Things is coming back to Mesa on Tuesday, and I want to buy more gorgeous stone beads. As I was debating whether I really needed to take a special trip to Mesa to buy more stone beads (after all, I didn't buy any at gem show), I realized that many of the items that I'd made with last year's stone purchases had in fact sold, some of them rather quickly. Clearly, stones are a good investment for me and I should probably get around to using more of them.

I've also brought back the Daily Special. Today's special is the Forest Singers earring pair. I'm honestly surprised that these have never sold, but then again, I've never been able to get a really good picture of them. Take my word for it, they're very cute! Daily Specials count towards the free shipping offer, too.


  1. I do! Now if people would feed their need for my jewelry, I could feed my need for beads ;)

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