Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Inana at Dusk

You may have noticed this necklace in the picture from my solo. I created it Friday afternoon, specifically to go with my teal silks. I already had the ceramic and rhinestone-embellished beads, but I needed a focal... which practically landed in my lap on my first day of my new job, when I admired the lovely teal and gunmetal bead and MZ said I could take it. Gunmetal lampworked spacers, indicolite Swarovski crystals and faceted freshwater pearls provide the perfect accents between the larger beads. I also added a floral crescent moon pendant, because it's pretty and I wanted a big focal.
I call this necklace Inana at Dusk, because by the time I finished draping myself in silk and veils, painting my face with makeup and layering on as much jewelry as I had packed, I couldn't decide if I looked like a goddess or a prostitute. And so my crowning jewel is named after the patron of temple prostitutes, the daughter of the moon god, Inana.

If you're enchanted by the lampwork focal in this necklace and would like something similar, make sure to check out MZ Glass. Margaret makes a lot of tribal-appropriate lampwork!

(Full disclosure: yes, I now work for MZ Glass, but I was pushing her beads long before I was her employee!)


  1. I really like the floral crescent!

  2. I think this necklace is one of my favorites of yours. It is so wearable even if you are not in costume. Nice work.

  3. wonderful ancient feel to it.

  4. Thank you, Marilee! It was part of a gypsy fortune teller themed line that JoAnn's and Michael's were carrying for a bit. Every time I say I'm not going to buy craft store beads anymore, they make new exciting ones that I have to have.

    Arline, thank you! I wore it to work and gaming yesterday, and people seemed to like it. It feels very nice on, because the beads are big, but not heavy.

    Thank you, Julie! That's the look I was going for, ancient with a touch of modern from the crystals.