Thursday, April 29, 2010

Barely home!

Feels like I've been on the go for the past week... From my weekend in Phoenix, to the gym and errands, to taking my brother to the MVD, to starting my new job, to dance classes tonight and then my fun dancing birthday weekend coming up, I've barely been home at all. Housework and beading are both suffering, but should hopefully return to normal next week.

Tonight is a very exciting one for classes, the first evening of a new session in which I will not only be continuing my education in the Anaya Tribal style, but I will also learn tribal-style sword, and palm flames. Swords! And Fire! Two of my favorite things combined with dancing, which is one of my other favorite things. Add a beaded costume with some malachite and faeries and that's pretty much all of my favorite inanimate things.

Assuming we can get the music issue ironed out, my classmate Marlene and I will be performing the drum solo choreo that we learned on Friday, since we were unable to at the recital on Sunday. This means that I will probably be performing twice at the hafla*. I hope I'll be able to get to see a lot of the other performers as well, even if I have to peak out through the back-stage door ;)

I'll try to post a quick update tomorrow before I take off for Phoenix, to let you know how awesome tonight's classes are, then I'll be quiet all weekend again.


  1. Sounds like a blast and happy birthday!


  2. You lost the footnote!

  3. Oh whoops, I did! Here it is!

    *A hafla is a belly dance party. I don't know exactly what the word means, or its origins, but there you have it.

  4. From what I understand "hafla" means a celebration or party. A hafla musiquiyya is a concert and a haflit gowaz is a wedding.

    In the belly dance community it can mean anything from a informal party at someone's house that includes a bit of Middle Eastern music and dance to a formal stage show.

  5. Oh, and "hafla" is an Arabic word

  6. SaraBeth, you're awesome! Thank you for providing the proper background on haflas.