Sunday, May 09, 2010

Beads For Birthdays!

My package from my secret Beads for Birthdays buddy was slightly delayed, but that's alright, it just stretches out the birthday fun! It arrived this past Friday and I dove right in! In fact, I forgot to take pictures of all the cute white boxes tied with green ribbons... but here's a photo of my lovely gifts!

There are three cabochons, one black onyx, one tree agate, and one super delightful sparkly fuchsite from Siberia.

Three strands of glass: pale green leaves that nicely compliment the fuchsite, little bronze daggers, and big vitrail-like daggers.

One strand of what I think is a lab-grown tourmaline. Each bead is half green, half yellow, and they have a wonderful weight and perfect machine facets.

One triangle dish, which is super-helpful for sorting and cleaning up beads.

One tribal-inspired pendant in a dark brassy-bronzey-gunmetaly color.

Five tubes of assorted shapes and sizes of seed beads, including some yummy marbled 11s. I've slowly been collecting these, and I didn't have the pink-marbled olive yet (which isn't very pink, it's more of a copper).

One slim-line faerie journal. I think this will be very good for keeping to-do lists, and it should fit in my purse so I can take my lists with me.

One sparkly faerie birthday card! The handwriting inside looks familiar... perhaps a BFAC participant? I won't sleuth around and spoil the surprise.

Not shown: one box of Lipton Super Fruit Green Tea with White Peach and Mangosteen. It makes delicious iced tea! I've already had about 4 glasses of it. Yum yum!

Here's a shot of the fuchsite cab, I was trying to capture how awesome and sparkly it is, but the camera isn't cooperating.
Thank you, secret birthday buddy! I love my gifts and I can't wait to design with them :)


  1. I'm pretty sure some of those are from Beki, so even if she isn't your Buddy, the Buddy shopped there!

    I think the Faerie journal is very cool!

  2. They were shipped by Beki, with a note from her, but the handwriting in the card is not hers... so either my buddy is local to Beki, visited Beki, or sent the package to her to be reshipped to me.

    The journal is really cute! All of the pages are lined and have a little faerie on the top corner.