Thursday, May 06, 2010

Fire and Tribal and Swords, oh my!

That's my plan for the evening. Sounds pretty awesome, doesn't it? Classes were a lot of fun last week. I'm enjoying learning Palm Flame and Sword, as they're two props that I'd love to be able to perform with someday (not at the same time!), and Tribal is always awesome. This session we're focusing on honing technique even more, layering shimmies, adding zills, and still learning some new moves, because Anaya Tribal has a huge vocabulary and we want to know it allllll.

I also got some new beading books in the mail today, which I've only had a little time to flip through, but hopefully I'll read them this weekend and get a chance to post some book reviews next week, as well as probably posting my Egg Moon necklace, which I got back to work on this morning.


  1. The book reviews will be interesting! And you know, I'd still like to see the sword and fire at the same time!

  2. The books look pretty nice... I'm especially excited about the new Laura McCabe one, because she's one of my beading idols and she's been doing awesome things lately with prosthetic eyes and stone spikes and beetle wings, totally badass jewelry!

    I'll get a picture of sword and fire together, but it would be hard to dance with them together... my sword would have to stay on my head the entire time, because my hands would be full of fire! The moves we've learned so far have focused on 'wielding' the sword, and we've practiced sticking the sword on the head and doing isolations. My sword is heeeeavvvvvy though. It leaves a dent in my head! Seriously!