Saturday, May 08, 2010

Happy World Belly Dance Day!

Today is World Belly Dance Day! And I didn't know until yesterday. What a bummer. If I had known ahead of time, I would have made plans. Instead I need to settle for dancing at home. Alone.

But! Here's a little celebration in my blog... a celebration of how much I love tribal jewelry. Last weekend, I noticed that Beads Galore was conveniently located on the route between my hotel and the studio. I have to avoid their gigantic booth at the gem show (it's larger than most of my local bead stores), because my budget simply can't handle it. But I couldn't just drive by and not stop in... especially not since it was my birthday and I had birthday money to spend! So I told myself that I was only allowed to buy tribal stuff, and not even look at their fabulous selection of Czech glass, and this is what I found!

Amazing green vaseline glass. Most of the other vaseline glass was $50-70 a strand. These rondelles were only $15. I'm pretty sure it was fate.

Black horn beads with metal. The silver-tone metal has a floral design. Very pretty and versatile, and rather lightweight for the size, too.

Horn and bone hairsticks. All but the eye-patterned one have horizontal holes near the top, which will make it easy to attach dangling strands of beads. The eye one has the more standard vertical hole for gluing in a headpin.

Afghani coin pendants and button. All with green glass "gems" set in them. Probably destined for a green coin bra, except the button which will either be a bracelet clasp or get used as the button to fasten an entari (a jacket-vest thing that we dancers wear under a bodice or a gahwazee coat).

Big Afghani pendants. One might also become part of the green bra, one will go with the vaseline glass. I haven't decided which will go with which yet.

Stretchy black skull bracelet. Will remain a bracelet until such a time as I decide to cut it up and use those awesome little skullies for something else.

Since I bought all of this swag with birthday money, it will mostly go into jewelry for me, but I have a feeling that the leftovers will trickle into stock for the Etsy shop! I can't hoard all the gorgeous tribal stuff to myself!


  1. Ooo, new shinies! And new shinies that you get to keep for yourself, which is even better! :D

  2. Yes, every now and then I have to give in to the inner dragon and hoard a few things :D

  3. Very cool stuff! I really like the hair things!

  4. Me too! I've been wanting to make myself some hairsticks for when I bun my hair up for dancing (which I haven't done as often now that it's shorter, but it's growing fast and the weather is getting hot, so it's bun time again).

  5. LOL!! Those black horn beads with the metal spacers looks like one of the two king snakes I caught on Saturday. Only the snakes were much bigger.

  6. Bigger and scarier! he he. No snakes for me!

  7. We have a deal, as long as the snakes are keeping the gopher population down they are allowed to stay.

  8. We don't appear to have any gophers. Either I have invisible snakes that do a very good job, or gophers don't like my neighborhood.

    Logically I understand that snakes eat vermin, and I do not like vermin. But snakes still scare me!

  9. Fortunately, I'm not afraid of snakes and for the most part, I like vermin. I just don't want them eating my plants.

    Now, if the snakes started hiring alligators or crocodiles as body guards, or even worse, dressing up as clowns, I'd be in BIG trouble.