Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Swappy swapness

The big reveal has been done over on the Etsy forums, so now I can post this picture of the jewelry that I made for my swappee, Mermaiden! It was only natural that Julie would get a necklace with a Green Girl mermaid focal. The hard part was choosing which of the three or four or five different mermaids in my stash suited her best... But this one is the most magical, so it won :) I paired it with freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals, and vintage opal glass in capri and aqua. I liked the colors so much that I decided they needed to be made into earrings, too.

My gifts came from Carapace, who made me an awesome "anything" box (because it can hold anything) with faerie faces and leaves and gems, as well as a couple leaf pendants. Plus she sent a beautiful dryad face focal that she'd been waiting for the right person to receive. No pictures yet, because it has been gray and nasty here. Might have to give in and take some indoor photos instead.

This swap really brightened my holidays, I have to say. It was so much fun creating for Julie, and I knew that no matter who my gift came from, it would be lovely, because everyone involved is so talented.


  1. Mermaiden is beautiful! I'm looking forward to the pictures from the anything box.

  2. Thank you, Marilee! Julie really liked the set :)

    Probably won't get photos taken of my presents until this weekend.

  3. Gah, I am so far behind on bog-reading, that I didn't even realize you posted this AJ!
    I LOVELOVELOVE my magical mermaiden treasure necklace and earrings. AJ, you choose the most gorgeous bits and pieces- such fine quality and amazing hues. Your compositions are stunning- jewelry art indeed.
    You will be getting a more intimate thank you when my holiday madness settles down. But for now, THANK YOU again, in front of the world, for brightening my sour scroogieness this year. Love to you, bright eyes.

  4. Awww Julie, I'm glad to have de-scrooged you a bit :) I've been feeling pretty scroogie this year, too, but the FAE Swap was a real ray of holiday sunshine. Can't wait to do another one!