Wednesday, December 02, 2009

In a twinkling of an eye... or a bead...

Here it is, my completed Twinkle, Twinkle necklace! Even if I'm not thrilled with how it hangs, I am very happy with it otherwise. It fills a nice color niche in my collection, and is a slightly different style than I normally wear as well.

I made a couple of changes to the kit. It came with opaque turquoise Delicas, not a favorite color of mine. I replaced them with the matte opaque teal. Then when it came time to assemble it, I replaced the silver daisy spacers with copper heishi disks (scavenged from an earring kit from the retreat), and the copper pearls with indicolite crystals, to compliment the matte teal beads. I kept the blue zircon crystals, as they look great with the teal AB Delicas.

I might finish my Queen Anne's Lace bracelet tonight, if I don't completely zonk out in workout-inspired exhaustion.


  1. Oh wow, that's so pretty! Great job!

  2. Good job! Maybe we can bug Beki into making this into a kit!

  3. Beautiful! I wish I could do that type of beading...I am too impatient.


  4. Thank you, everyone! I had a lot of fun working with Beki's design. The stars are pretty addictive, I really want to make more.

    SaraBeth, I have a feeling since it was a special class for the retreat, there's probably a certain amount of time that has to pass before she can offer it as a kit... but I sure hope she adds it to her kit selection eventually.

    Jolene, I was really impatient when I started beadweaving, too. It's a matter of starting with small projects -- like a simple spiral bracelet -- and slowly building up your tolerance for repetitive work. You can do it!

  5. You changed Beki's colorway! LOL She'll probably survive. It looks really nice!

  6. LOL Marilee. Beki liked the teal that I chose. Besides, I was sitting next to Nikki, who completely discarded her kit and came up with her own colorway. Next to her, my deviation was quite small ;)