Thursday, December 03, 2009

My awesome beetle

If you'll remember, last month I was practically bouncing with joy over the awesome beetle bead I'd purchased at Margaret Zinser's open house. Here it is, in the necklace that I made with it! First I wire-wrapped it into a pendant, flanked by some earthy faceted pearls, and accented with two silvery bells and a little kuchi dangle. Then I strung it up with more pearls, Thai silver spacers, carved bone beads, and the cool jade beads that I bought at the Rings and Things show earlier this year. The clasp is a pewter hook and eye clasp that I picked up in NY with the idea of using it in a tribal necklace.

I love that this focal bead has the look and feel of an ancient artifact. When I wear the necklace, I often find myself petting the beetle -- the softly matted glass is smooth, like a well-worn river stone.

I also love the fact that these neutral colors go well with a lot of my costumes. I can wear it with earthy greens, or all manner of browns, and that's half my costumes right there!


  1. This is a real beauty, AJ. No wonder you bought that bead.

  2. you know i LOVE the ancient feel to this piece. it's like some ancestral heirloom. well done, you!

  3. Arline, I know, it was pretty much screaming "Take me home!" and Margaret gave me a smokin' deal on it.

    Thank you, Julie! I like it when I can make new beads look like artifacts :)

  4. Looks like a pharaoh's treasure!

    :) Dave
    at Rings & Things