Sunday, December 06, 2009

Miss Mags

Daisy has been getting most of the attention lately, due to her surgery, so here's a picture of little Miss Mags. The look that she's giving me is always accompanied by a little wag of her tail stub. There's something very cute about how she wags, it's a very hopeful gesture. Daisy's wag is more exuberant, like everything else about her.

Maggie was very pleased with herself earlier, as in her little puppy mind, the cat was playing with her. Topher was, in fact, giving her a warning "stop licking my face" bop, but since he politely kept his claws in, she thought he wanted to wrestle.


  1. Cute doggie!

    lol, I love when puppies don't understand that a cat isn't playing, the cat is trying to warn them away. My cat doesn't have claws so whenever she smacks the dogs with her paw, they think she's playing.

  2. And of course I currently have the opposite problem -- even when Junie is staying away, Spirit is sure she's there to hurt her.

  3. Meri, Topher is a big guy with big claws, but he's also a softy, so he keeps his claws in and then runs away when the girls don't stop licking him. He's so silly!

    Marilee, I feel so bad that Junie and Spirit can't get along :(