Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Feels so... wrong!

Chris and half the guys in our gaming group currently have krav maga classes on Wednesday evenings, so we moved the game to Tuesday. Gaming! On Tuesday nights! What is the world coming to?!? Surely, this is a sign of the end times.

We're also gaming in the main house, because it's cold as heck and the game room is hard to heat. Guess I should go tidy up the living room, since we'll actually be using it.


  1. But I bet it feels so good!! :-)

  2. It would have felt better if the boys had focused on the game instead of getting distracted by Wikipedia ;) Oh well. I strung a bunch of crystals while they were goofing off.

  3. LOL!!! How geeky! But then again, I get distracted while looking up words in the dictionary.

    How geeky is that? :-)

  4. Oh, I can, too... just not during gaming!