Saturday, December 05, 2009

I bought dog clothes

Normally, I am not the sort of person who dresses her pets. I figure, they've got perfectly good fur coats, why should I wrestle them into a garment? However, it's pretty cold (for AZ), and my little Daisy dog has a big shaved spot from her lump removal. So I decided to buy her a doggie sweater to keep her warm until her fur finishes growing back.

Judging from how she and Maggie reacted to the sight of the sweater, I'm thinking they might have worn them before and that they actually liked them. These are the dogs who are not only afraid of nail clippers and baths, but also of doggie hairbrushes. Yet they jumped gleefully when they saw the sweater, and Daisy let me put it on her (though she also hit me in the chin with her head). No attempts have been made to remove the garment, and she's happily going about her evening in it. I may have to buy Maggie one so she doesn't feel left out.

Before I went on my shopping trip, I finished my Queen Anne's Lace bracelet from Marcia DeCoster's class at the retreat. I'll post pictures soon!


  1. Some dogs just really love to wear shirts- my parents' two dogs love them, too. I guess they like being a bit warmer and looking good? ;)

  2. I don't think my cats would go for clothes -- even Loki whose fur is still uneven from getting all the mats off.

  3. Meri, I suspect Daisy does like the extra edge that it gives her in the cuteness department!

    Marilee, kitties do tend to be less accepting of that sort of thing.

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