Friday, June 06, 2008

Did I take pictures? No.

Ok, I promise I'll take pictures tomorrow, unless something catastrophic happens. I should have plenty of time, since I don't game on Saturdays anymore, but Chris does. I'll have the apartment to myself. Just me and 50 billion boxes.

Actually, I've been saving the latest issue of Bead and Button for tomorrow, so I'll have some fun reading time. And I'll work on the bezel again. And of course, pack and clean. But a gal's got to have some fun on the weekend, you know?

We're supposed to have our walk-through on Tuesday. The current tenants of the house are supposed to be out by Monday, but so far they haven't budged. I sure hope they have a busy weekend of moving ahead of them. If all goes well, we close on Wednesday and move on Friday. And then... you won't see much of me, because it may take 2 weeks to get a cable connection at the new house, and I don't have any sort of dial-up.

One thing's for certain, without internet, I'll make a lot of progress on unpacking and settling into the house.

The house! One week from this very moment, I can be getting ready to spend the first night sleeping in my very own house. Amazing!

In non-amazing news, we watched War today. You know, Jet Li movies have a lot of action. So do Jason Statham movies. One might expect that a movie with both actors would feature twice as much action, but there's only so much action you can have in one film. So you could at least reasonably expect that a Li-Statham flick would have at least as much action as a film with only one of these men. But somehow... somehow... it's as if their action star statuses canceled each other out. They spend most of the running time doing things other than kicking the crap out of each other. There's double-crosses and car chases and gun battles and investigation scenes and flashbacks and attractive ladies and gratuitous breast shots, but the martial arts don't come out until the end. And when they do, they're pretty mediocre. It was essentially a waste of time, but I'm a sucker for anything with Jet Li in it. Yes, this means that I have to go see that stupid Mummy movie, too. Curses!

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