Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I like packages!

You know you're in packing mode when you find yourself hoping for a package in the mail, not because it means a nice surprise, but because it means an extra box and maybe some wrapping material.

So today I got a package that I didn't expect for another week, and it DID have a nice surprise in it, but it also had paper to wrap my knick-knacks in. Good thing, too, because yesterday I used up the last of my bubblewrap and tissue paper and junkmail paper. I think I'm going to break into the bag of fabric I got from a neighbor and start wrapping things in it. That's the DIY attitude!

In fact... if you take something that's normally garbage (like Capri Sun pouches) and you turn it into something useful (like a quirky purse), then you're not just recycling, you're "upcycling." So if you take an already useful item, and you repurpose to fill a need that would usually be filled by a consumable item, are you "downcycling"? And if so, did I just coin that term? Can I be the latest green/DIY trendsetter? (answer: probably not)

Downcycling aside, I think I'll try to make some time for photography tomorrow. I'd like to show you all the rivoli pendant, the rockin' steampunk transistor necklace that Chris gave me, and the awesome carved dragon pendant from today's mail.


  1. If I'd known you needed packing material, I would have put more in!

  2. LOL, don't worry about it :) I think I'll go out this weekend and buy some stuff.