Thursday, June 05, 2008

So much for beading.

Argh, I swear, these bezels are out to get me. This one should fit the rivoli I made it for, and it's just not fitting. So once again, I'll have to start over. Eventually I'm probably going to get annoyed and stop working with rivolis altogether.

I spent today cleaning up my bead room, sorting through the piles of beads on my desk in there. I'm making some progress, and really instilling in myself a desire to be better about putting beads away as soon as I'm done with a project. I might even finish cleaning the desk off tomorrow.

Photography didn't happen today, I was just too busy and too tired. Maybe tomorrow.


  1. I took a class with Jenna Bedinghaus once and she said after you have your number of beads strung and tied in a circle, set it on something soft and see if the rivoli can be pushed down inside the circle. If not, you need to add more beads. Maybe that will help with sizing the bezels.

  2. That's brilliant! Thank you, Christina! I'll try it tomorrow when I attempt the bezel again.

  3. Good luck! Let me know if it helps.