Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Boxes and Beads and Books.

I'm almost out of boxes... but I'm almost out of places to put boxes, too! Some of them are going to have to go live in the trunk of the car until we move, just so I have some room to work in here.

Today I actually started packing my beads. A lot of them are in these two 4' tall plastic filing cabinets (aka iris carts). This is a great storage method, however, it's a little heavy and ungainly for moving. As such, I've begun the process of moving the beads into smaller containers. I'm still keeping the containers out and accessible -- next week, right before we move, I'll put them all into suitcases, which have convenient wheels and handles for easy bead-moving.

I started another rivoli project tonight, and picked out beads for the next one, too. They both involve green and earthy tones. The second one will be for me to keep, as it involves "little chippies" -- rivolis that have dings on the edges. Sure, I cover the edges with beads, but I still feel bad selling damaged goods -- especially since I got the chippies for free from my gem show job, because she also doesn't like to sell damaged goods!

The books part of the title refers to the fact that I'm working my way through some nerdy astrophysics book called Death By Black Hole. So far it needs more death and less physics, although I did like learning more about the rings of Saturn and why they look the way they do. There's also a lot about the history of physics and general and astrophysics in specific. Last night I read about people learning that we are not the center of the universe. My cats, of course, disagree. They're pretty certain that everything revolves around them, even up to a cosmic level.

So I'm probably going to go read more nerdy physics stuff, although what I really feel like doing right now is writing. I did a short little story for some gaming-related stuff this past weekend, and it reawakened my inner author. Unfortunately, said inner author can't really settle on a project, and doesn't have anything specific she wants to write, she just misses the process. Maybe I can distract her with shiny beads, or bore her to sleep with physics.


  1. I have eight Iris carts and three Gracious Living twelve-drawer carts and when the movers took them out and back for the laminate, they turned them upside down. I'm still finding things in the wrong drawers.

    I had assumed they would just roll them out, but they wanted them more stable so they turned them upside down and put them on (hmmm, rolling things that have a right angle).

    I wish they'd told me first, I would have just rolled them around the condo where the laminate and paint guys weren't working.

  2. They turned them upside down? What the heck!

    I'm going to try to handle most of my beads myself, especially the focal drawers -- I'm leaving everything in the drawers, because it would take another month to pack them any other way.

  3. Yes, most of my beads are in tubes and I thought the focals and stones and stuff would be okay if the carts were rolled out, but when I saw them bringing them back in upside down, I went right for the focals. None were damaged. Which is good for them, because they were packing as well, and if anything had been broken, they would have had to pay for it.