Saturday, June 07, 2008

An awesome housewarming gift

I don't quite have a house to warm yet, but that didn't stop my dear friend Deb of Bead Indulgences from sending me this awesome dragon! The base appears to be a mirror, but it's mostly hidden under the beautiful poly-clay dragon, smooth pebbles, and perfectly clear crystal points. There are a lot of great touches that you can't really see in the photo -- the slight sheen on the pebbles is from green mica powder; there are coin pearls and amethyst beads between the dragon's feathered wings; her tail is curled around yet another crystal point. And the entire thing rests on feet made from more pebbles. In short, it's a stunning sculpture, and I feel blessed to have a friend who is talented and generous. I can't wait to find a special place to display this!

Another awesome person is Christina, who gave me a helpful tip which allowed me to make a hassle-free bezel today! Woohoo! You should definitely head over to her blog and see the lovely wrapped butterfly that she made from the class she took at B&B this year.

And now it's time to go pack more beads. Moving day is less than a week away!


  1. What a nice housewarming gift! Have you seen the dragon eye pendants on Etsy made by Karen Lorraine? I didn't see any in her shop for sale this morning, but you can see them in her sold items.

  2. Oh, I used to follow her auctions on JustBeads. I tried to win one of those eyes once, as a present for my DH (I think they're nice man-beads), but I got outbid.

    Nice to see that she's still making them!

  3. Oh, great dragon! Did Deb make it?

  4. Yes, she did! I have a top-down photo that I might post later this week.

  5. Wow! That's a lot of work, and it looks great!