Thursday, June 26, 2008

Life is Good

I've got to try to get back into the habit of blogging!

Anyway, as the title says, life is good. We finally had a nice rain today, and the weather is just about perfect right now. While it was raining, I went out into my beadroom (our screened-in porch) and saw that the rain was not being blown in through the screen, which was a relief. In fact, it was very nice in there. I think I'm going to enjoy beading in there, until winter, when it will be unbearably cold (note: anything below 70 is "unbearably cold" for me. This is why I live in the desert).

On Tuesday, I started writing again. I'm not sure why, I just sat down at the laptop, opened up one of my files, and started working on it. It feels really good. Months had passed since the last time I wrote, and I definitely felt its absence.

The desk is all finished, except for the drawers. I think both Chris and I have had about all the assembly we can take. We had to have a friend come over to lift the hutch onto the base. My girly arms just couldn't handle it, and even the guys had a bit of trouble with it. That desk is NEVER leaving the office. I don't think we'll ever be able to paint, and definitely not replace the carpet.

I really want to paint the bedroom, though. It's a kind of nasty shade of off-white that looks especially hideous in low light. And I want to paint the living room, as it's currently painted with some sort of flat white paint that attracts stains much in the same way that white pants do (note: I never buy white pants or skirts for this reason). All home improvements will wait until Autumn, however, as 110 degree weather is not ideal for painting.

Tomorrow I hope to find some time to bead, but the main plan is to move the rest of the stuff over from the apartment and see a late showing of Wall-E. Every time I watch a trailer or animated short for that movie, I start to smile. That is one cute little robot!


  1. We have a very heavy desk in our office. When we painted, my husband didn't want to/couldn't move the desk/hutch, so he reached as far behind it as he could with the roller. If we were to move, our red walls in the office would have one large patch of white where the desk was!

  2. I looked at the times for Wall-E, too, and then realized they're only for today. I'll have to look tomorrow and see if I can spare the time.

  3. LOL, Christina! We were talking about doing that, too ;)

    Marilee, you've got to go see it! It's pretty good.