Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Under Construction!

Yesterday I talked about how I was considering posting photos of larger projects in the works. I figured I'd start that today with an image of the cameo I'm working on. The pendant is finished, as you can see, but it turned out quite a bit larger than I'd anticipated. This put the kibbutz on setting her in a choker a la Lady Ghost. Instead I'm going to do a long necklace. I'm thinking two strands of assorted black beads, modern and vintage. This is a personal project, a little present to myself.

The cameo isn't the only thing under construction! Although I will have or or two new items and a Fashionable Friday column this week, I am dedicating my time to some website improvement. I've just spent the past hour working on the linking system, connecting one item to another in an endless chain of linkage! Alright, well, once I get everything done it will be endless. Right now you might find a few dead ends and cul-de-sacs. Also on the agenda is taking new photos for old items. Heavens, I still have things that were scanned rather than photographed. This won't do at all.

In writing news, my book is still moving along. I hit a bit of a roadblock, but I decided to take a detour. The point I'm at right now has two of my major characters seriously injured, and a third major character is a first-year resident at a hospital. It gets to be a problem when ones characters would be far more knowledgeable in a subject than oneself is. I foresee much research in my future, but for now I left a note to myself to fill in the details later, and kept moving forward with the story.

Speaking of which, I'm going to go move forward with it now!

But first, we of course need a Cool Thing! In honor of tonight being the night that I play a samurai fantasy role playing game, I give to you: Japanese Death Poetry! I appreciate that this site has them in both English and Japanese. I personally enjoy haiku and find these poems to be very poignant.

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