Saturday, February 24, 2007

Fashionable Friday -- Asian Flair

(My apologies for not posting this yesterday, my site was down which I meant I couldn't get the necessary links!)

The use of Asian elements and Asian influence in fashion is not a recent trend, but it does seem to be a lingering trend. Whether it's kimono-sleeved tops, or Chinese brocade used in a decidedly Western corset, "Asian Flair" is everywhere!

I'm not immune to this trend, of course. I'm drawn to Chinese carved beads, artistic depictions of Geisha, and of course, anything with a dragon on it. While I mostly have a bad habit of hoarding these items for myself, I do occasionally relent and make them into beautiful Asian-inspired jewelry for sale. One of my most recent creations is Almost Ready, which features a beautiful Geisha image as the focal. Also new are the nicely coordinated Empress of Butterflies bracelet and Imperial Butterflies earrings, both made with Chinese lacquer butterflies and vintage jade-inspired glass beads. Looking a little farther back, you can see the delightful Of The Earth bracelet with its beetle focal, and the teal-hued Tranquil Butterfly necklace. During Gem Show this year I picked up a nice selection of carved Chinese focals, so expect to see some more Asian-inspired necklaces in the next few months.

I am also a huge fan of Asian textiles and clothing. The internet is a wonderful source for clothes, whether they be authentically Asian or just inspired. For genuine vintage kimonos, be sure to check out Kyoto Kimono. I purchased from them during Gem Show and found them to be polite, friendly, and bursting at the seams with Japanese clothes and fabric! I am really enamored, however, with this short Kiki Lee Kimono by designer Wai Ching! Way out of my budget, but just look at those colors! If you view the designer's other items, you will find more gorgeous modern kimono dresses and tops. And don't forget to accessorize! Might I suggest either this obi-style belt, or anything from Kimono Momo's line of scarves and handbags?

For a casual, unisex look, you really can't go wrong with t-shirts. SquidFire offers this great Praying Mantis shirt. And ethaibid has this very cool woodblock wave long-sleeve top. I love this shirt and am really tempted to get it for my husband! Be sure to check out their other items, as they have many Asian print tees.

Many other jewelers are inspired by Asian artwork and textiles as well. This great matchbox Geisha pendant even has a mirror on the back for checking out your hair, clothes and makeup while you're out on the town. The Sounds of Japan inro box features a lively musical scene, and would make a nice addition to any Japanese-inspired outfit. Meanwhile, this wonderful Kimono Flower Ring would be the perfect compliment to just about anything you wore! If you need a safe place to keep this jewelry, or a nice way to present it as a gift, what could be better than this Omiyage Daffodil Pouch? I love it!

This is only the tiniest selection of what you can find if you look for it. I could have easily made this blog 5 times as long and not mentioned all of the great Asian-themed items I've seen on-line. If I've only whetted your appetite, you may want to visit the Asian Buzz blog, for Asian business and products!


  1. Thanks for the Asian Buzz mention!! :D

  2. You're welcome! Thank you for checking out the post :)