Monday, February 19, 2007

A great day.

Although I probably should have spent today updating the ol' website, instead I went out with Chris and did some fun errands. At this rate, I really won't be updating until Friday, bit it will be a really nice update. Currently I have, let's see... 4 pairs of earrings, one woven necklace, one collar, and two anklets. That's before anything I bead this week. I also have some beautiful things that I've made for myself lately, which will probably get posted here in the blog after I photograph them.

Our first stop today was JoAnn's. My Mom kindly agreed to my request for some choli tops, so I had to go out and buy fabric. Seriously, I have at least half a dozen skirts for dancing, 4 belts, numerous veils, and even a turban, but I am utterly lacking in shirts for a dancer persona to wear for Ren Faire. This had to be remedied! So I picked out fabric, and I got thread to match, and then I waited in the gigantic cutting-table line. I have got to stop going to the fabric store on Monday holidays -- it's always a zoo. Anyway, I was waiting in line when this lady walked by with this fabric I had to have. It was black with skulls wearing shnazzy, colorful hats. Luckily she was ahead of me in line, so when my turn came around, the bolt was sitting in the basket of fabric needing to be returned to the shelf, and I was able to get some as well. Hurray! I am going to make such a fun miniature beaded quilt with it. I can't wait!

Then we went to the used book store, where a good $100-200 worth of unwanted gaming books, a small stack of magazines, a board game and a puzzle only netted us $30 in trade credit. Bah! Of course we spent a lot more than that while we were there. Not only did we get three gaming books and three novels, but I found a boxed belly dance set with a book, a CD, and a set of zils. I really need to get around to learning to use those now, since I'm up to about 3 or 4 sets of them.

Our final stop was the comic shop, where we picked up some graphic novels. Perusing the shelves reminded me of why I really don't read comic books anymore... There was nothing that tempted me to buy it. The only thing that looked good was a graphic novel adaptation of Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere, but I decided to pass that up for now.

Now I'm home and happily beading away on a Gothic cameo project. I've wanted to work on it for a while and finally started it this weekend while my internet was down. I'm mostly done with the cameo part and I just need to decide what sort of necklace would best compliment it.

I realize I've been remiss lately. Not only have I been blogging quite infrequently, but I have not been posting Cool Things. So tonight, we have a Cool Thing, and it is Hawkwolf's Armory, a website which features some beautiful chain maille clothing, accessories, and other cool stuff.

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