Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Things and stuff.

I have really got to get back into the habit of blogging! I told myself that I would post every day, but things keep distracting me. First of all, I am absolutely obsessed with the book I'm working on. I've written almost 70 pages so far. At this rate, I wouldn't be surprised if I have the first draft done by the end of March. I am just on fire with writing! Saturday, after D&D, I sat down and wrote from midnight until almost 5am, and the only reason I stopped was that I had a party to go to at noon. The party was kind of fun; basically just a bunch of us sitting around, talking, joking, playing Soul Calibur 2 and watching movies. I'm trying to be a little more social, as I found myself growing reclusive recently.

Let's see... what sort of things are going on that I can talk about? The picture above is of the necklace I made to wear to Bead Dinner during Gem Show. I designed it to go with this really foxy corset, which is made of red, black and ivory floral brocade. Since the corset was a rather European style made with decidedly Asian fabric, I decided to echo that theme in the accompanying necklace, opting for a pseudo-Victorian Gothic choker accented by Chinese lacquer butterflies. Swarovski crystals add some nice sparkle and the perfect shade of red, and the vintage black flower beads were a great match for the plum blossoms on the fabric. I received many compliments on it! I'm quite happy with the design and will hopefully be making something similar for the site in the near future.

I've started studying Chinese again. There are two things that frustrate me about the language: trying to say things in the proper tone, and how difficult some of the characters are to draw. I love reading characters, but forget writing them! Ugh! Nonetheless, it's a nice activity for Chris and I to share.

And you know what I would really like to talk about? Layne's Legacy: Beading For A Cure! I know, I know, I talk about it all the time... but that's because it's important to me. Anyway, the 2007 gallery is now up, and auctions start this Sunday. THIS SUNDAY!!! Auctions will run every Sunday in March, and the first Sunday in April. My luscious necklace should be somewhere in the middle of there. I will be linking to auctions quite often once they are up.

Another thing that I have been thinking about is whether or not this blog is interesting. Do the random musings about my daily life bore you? Is there a subject you'd like to see more or less of? I'm considering posting "Work in Progress" photos so you can see the evolution of some of my more complicated pieces. Let me know your thoughts.

Today's Cool Thing is the Art of Meredith Dillman. I am an absolute junkie for faerie and fantasy artwork, and hers reminds me of Nene Thomas and Amy Brown, but with a definite Japanese influence as well. I will have to buy some of her buttons!

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