Saturday, February 17, 2007

More about my connection

So, the cable guy showed up this morning and declared that the problem had to do with the cruddy old cable running from the cruddy old cable box, and said that they would replace it... On the 27th and 28th. Today is the 17th. That's 10-11 days that we were supposed to put up with having NO connection. But what could we do? The connection was up for a bit while I slept, but by the time I got up it had gone down, stayed down for a few hours, came up for about an hour, then was down ALL DAY until Chris decided to try removing the attachment that the second tech put on.

That was about 4 hours ago and we haven't even had a little disconnect since.

So quite honestly, I think the people at Cox have NO idea what the heck they are doing. Honestly. The first guy was sure that with our great signal strength, it had to be our modem. The second guy was sure that the thingie he put between the cord would fix it. And today's guy was sure that we needed the outside cable replaced. PHEH on all of them. I just hope that the connection continues to behave.

Depending on what else goes on for the next day or two, I may update tomorrow or Monday, or I might just wait and have a huge update this Friday.

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