Saturday, August 26, 2006

Spontaneous gem show

Today's weather is looking better than yesterday's, so hopefully we're done with tornados for now.

After the flooding subsided yesterday, we went out for an afternoon of shopping. Our first stop was an Asian market. Imagine someplace the size of your usual supermarket. Now imagine that in addition to all of the stuff you get at Albertsons or whatnot, there is a ton of imported Asian food, such as Pocky and rosehip tea. Oh, and Asian dishes and such, too. We went crazy. By the way, the rosehip tea drink tastes incredible.

Now imagine that this supermarket has a food court. A food court which has a typical Chinese food place, a sushi place, and a bun place. Now imagine that these buns cost $.70 to 1.00 each. NOW imagine that you have the extreme fortune to get fresh baked pork buns. Man oh man was my lunch incredible! If this market was in Tucson, I would have buns for lunch every day.

After that we went to my favorite store in the entire world, Utopia. This place is like a Goth/hippie/alternative lifestyle department store. They have clothes, incense (including an awesome brand that I can't seem to find in Tucson), weapons, collectables, weapons, body piercing and tattoo shops, music, and apparently an adult store and smoke shop downstairs. Their regular-priced clothes are a bit out of my usual range, but I love their clearance sales. Yesterday I got a black skirt with a sequined brocade waistband and green velvet pants with embroidered cuffs for $10 each!

Ok, I got sidetracked. Today we're going to a gem show that is listed in the newspaper. No idea how big or good it will be, but it's had to resist a gem show. I'll be sure to post if I find anything of great niftiness. At this rate, by the time I get into NYC next week, I won't have any money left for the wholesale bead places! And to think, I have gem and bead shows to go to within a week of getting home to AZ!

Anyone out there want to buy some jewelry? ;)

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