Thursday, August 31, 2006

NY Beads -- Just a taste

Yesterday was spent shopping in NYC. We found the bead district, and my oh my did we find a lot of cool beads. A lot of it was fancy cut stones way out of my price range, but I still found some awesome and affordable stuff. I even found a good source for coins for dancing stuff, woohoo! I'll do a full report later, I have to find names and particulars and all that. Suffice it to say that I got a lot of nice focals, and I lucked into a 98 cent sale on some Czech glass strands. Mmm.

After that it was on to Chinatown! We went to a store called Pearl River where we bought a ton of really cool stuff, including the cute blouse that I'm wearing today, more Pocky, and condiment dishes, which I use for beading. Oh, and many a chopstick for my hair.

All that shopping left us quite hungry, so we set out to find a restaurant. We happened into a place called Singapore Cafe, which claimed to have the best Chinese food in NYC. I don't know about that, but our food was excellent and affordable. The restaurant was very clean, the people were nice, and they had our food on the table almost unbelievably fast.

A few little things... Kumihimo is a great train project. I got a lot done on my latest cord between the trip there and back. And all that stuff about NYers being rude? Not true. Anytime we looked lost, someone offered us directions, and we even had a couple of people holding doors for us.

Oh yes, and the sun finally came out today. Hurray!

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