Monday, August 21, 2006

I'm in NY!

I'm sitting here in my mother-in-law's den, just loving my laptop. How did I ever live without this baby? I'm even almost used to the little keyboard and the touchpad already. Not sure I'd want to play a video game without a real mouse, though ;)

The weather is beautiful, in the 80s and a little humid. It's a nice change from 90s and humid.

I've been beading away on my very purple necklace. Base row is finished, and after I eat breakfast -- yes, I do my 'net stuff before I eat, I am a sad little geek -- I'll add the clasp and start on the fun part: embellishing!

Then later today it should be Long Island bead shopping for me, and then tomorrow, beads in NYC! WOOHOO!

Oh yes, as an update on the web page situation, my domain has been re-registered, there's a little mix-up to take care of with that (my former webhost registered it under their business name, not mine as they told me they would, grar!) and then we have to find a new, more reliable webhost. You know, one that won't randomly go out of business without telling me. I do already have some recommendations, so I need to see which of those will best fit my needs. Hopefully we'll get that done sometime this week, maybe Wednesday as we don't have any plans then.

My site content, however, will not return until after I get home, as we didn't have time to transfer it over to the laptop before we left.

Onward to breakfast and beads!

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