Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Through Glittering Trees

The latest FAE Team exhibition is live! The theme is Through Glittering Trees, and some people focused more on the glitter, and some on the trees, and all submitted beautiful work!

The exhibitions are entirely separate from the new monthly challenges. We only have new ones every other month, and they're open to old items or new items created especially for the theme. The challenges, on the other hand, are designed to inspire us to make at least one item along the moon-theme for the month, something new and exciting.

You can see past Exhibitions at our Squidoo lens!


  1. A lot of them actually went for leaves instead of trees, even. I wonder if many of them just put in things they'd already made.

  2. I think that almost everyone did, and that's OK. I rarely make things specifically for the exhibitions.