Thursday, January 21, 2010

Super storm!

I didn't go to dance class tonight. Why? Because I didn't feel safe driving in rain and wind with gusts of up to 60mph. And it's a good thing I made that decision, because half an hour after I would have left for Tempe, the owner of Plaza de Anaya went to open the studio for the night and found there was no power -- so all the classes were canceled anyway!

There's a crazy storm in AZ today. The Bead Museum in Glendale closed early. Halstead Bead in Prescott was sandbagging their loading docks in preparation for flooding. Funnel clouds were seen in Gilbert. There's possibly a tornado watch between midnight and 2am here in Tucson.

All I can say is that I really hope the weather is getting all of this out of its system, so that we can have a beautiful, sunny gem show and lovely weather for my mother-in-law's visit. After all, I had to slog through the mud at the NY Ren Faire, I'd really rather not repeat that experience at ours!

In totally unrelated news, I got my hair cut yesterday. No, I did not get it all cut off, I did not donate it to Locks of Love, all I did was get several inches of frazzled ends lopped off, and got a few layers. I'll post Before and After pictures soon!


  1. The wind began to switch - the house to pitch and suddenly the hinges started to unhitch.
    Just then the Witch - to satisfy an itch went flying on her broomstick, thumbing for a hitch.

    ....Sorry, I digress. It's stormy in my noplacelikehome, too!

  2. LOL, cute poem! Thankfully neither I nor my roof blew away, and the weather's back to winter-normal here, which is to say, cold, sunny, and beautiful! There's snow on our mountains even :)