Monday, January 11, 2010

Old Moon

Have I mentioned how much I love Creative Commons images on Flickr? Today I searched for Old Moon, and found the above beautiful image in Grafik Mekanik's photostream*. It's so perfectly haunting.

So anyway, I decided that the Wolf Moon theme wasn't doing it for me, but Old Moon... that's something I can work with, because vintage beads are old. And I found a pretty moon face pendant that I forgot I had, so I'm set. Just gotta pick out the right vintage beads, decide whether I'll weave or string, and get to creating.

*This link has some pictures of a girl wearing a shirt with a certain F word on it, so I suppose it's NSFW.


  1. wow, what a brilliant image! Your idea sounds perfect for you :D

    i'm still swirling around ideas, nothing has coagulated but i still can't get blood out of my mind. in a nice way. perhaps.

  2. Beautiful picture, reminds of Amy Brown work...she does wonderful fairys!


  3. Julie, blood is clearly on your mind, if you're using words like coagulate :D

    Jolene, you're right! It has that same dappled look and color palette as a lot of Amy Brown's paintings. I love her faeries!