Monday, January 18, 2010

Beads and Homework

Hey! I beaded! Honestly! I finished my necklace for the FAE Team Challenge, and started something pretty and coppery and Victorian-y that I'll hopefully have ready in time to wear to the Swarovski party next month. Tomorrow I shall attempt some photographs.

I also did my belly dance homework. We were assigned to do 100 little shoulder rolls on each side every day, to improve arm fluidity for those dreaded snake arms. And while I have been doing rolls every day, they've mostly been while I was watching TV or talking with Chris and couldn't really focus on counting. Today I actually counted, so that I could be sure that I did my homework as assigned at least once. Daisy greatly approves of this particular drill, as I can do it seated on the couch with at least one corgi in my lap. Usually she has to go in her crate when I practice, because the dogs believe that dancing is a sign that I want to wrestle with them.

And that is pretty much my weekend, aside from the time I spent running errands and reading magazines yesterday. Oh, the excitement!


  1. Dancing is wrestling? Maybe it's just because she's so short.

  2. They think that any movement outside the usual is a cue for wrestling. They love to wrestle! Unfortunately, they play a little rough.