Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mother Moon at Dawn

As I mentioned before, I decided that for January's FAE Team Challenge, I would go with the Old Moon theme instead of the Wolf Moon. Mother Moon at Dawn has actually been done for a while, but cold, rainy weather does not lend itself well to outdoor photography. Luckily today is a beautiful day, because today is also the deadline for the challenge!

February is Snow Moon or Hunger Moon, and I think I'll do one of each. Snow Moon will be a good excuse to motivate me to put more white jewelry in my shop, and Hunger Moon will be a good excuse to use my Green Girl pomegranate faerie pendant.

Tomorrow I'll share some Old Moon/Wolf Moon beauties from my fellow FAEs.


  1. I love the description in your listing :D This is a beautiful piece indeed.
    Already thinking about next month's challenge, eh? Did you say Green Girl and pomegranates? Mmmmmmmmmm.

  2. Thank you, Julie!

    I have to think ahead to Feb already, because it is going to be a busy month for me. I have gem show during the first week, then MIL arrives on the 2nd Friday and stays until the 3rd Friday. I'm hoping the last week of the month will be quiet.

    I almost used the Green Girl pomegranate faerie for your swap present... and I also almost used a Green Girl owl. Really, there are about a million of her pendants and beads that are perfect for you :)

  3. Let's see if blogger will ID me today -- I really like the blues and the pendant is very nice!

  4. Thank you! Soft blues are a nice break from my usual greens and earthtones :)