Monday, March 24, 2008

Winding Path.

Winding Path is the name of this new bracelet. It's a little brighter than my usual work, but it seemed fitting for the season. Actually, it matches a couple of the new Spring/Summer shirts that I bought a couple of weeks ago. It's so nice to see greens "in" this season. Gives me a good excuse to play with all of my green beads. The seeds and triangles were both among my purchases from gem show in February.

Most of my triangle beads are very subdued colors, so it was nice to find some more vibrant colors at work. I also got a nice purple, a nice aqua blue, and a deep, rich red. I'll probably be working with them sometime soon. I've been feeling the need to do another herringbone spiral with an art bead at the center, like Night Shift. I just haven't decided on a bead yet.

So anyway, last week was pretty crazy. On Wednesday, I spontaneously decided to start some Spring Cleaning, which I'll continue this week. The clutter has built up and it's time to clean it up and weed it out, in preparation for hopefully moving within the next few months. Thursday and Friday were spent dog-sitting out in Marana, and let me tell you, the desert is really beautiful and green after the rain we had last weekend! Saturday was gaming. Sunday was the Renaissance Faire, which was awesome. I'll give that its own post tomorrow, I think.

While I was dog-sitting, I read The Scar. When I say read, I should really say "devoured." I think I spent about 9 hours reading on Thursday. I had all kinds of plans for while I was up there, and really, all I did (other than taking care of my three doggie pals!) was read and make one bracelet. Needless to say, the book was pretty good. It had a slightly Lovecraftian edge to it, which doesn't surprise me. I first encountered China Mieville in the Children of Cthulhu anthology, after all. For the record, his was one of the few good stories. I don't recommend that particular book.

I made three bracelets between Wednesday and Saturday, and I think all three of them will go into the Etsy shop throughout the week.


  1. OOOh! That's yummy and cool for the spring and summer.