Friday, March 28, 2008

So small and fragile.

The desert is green, and there are wildflowers in bloom everywhere. I saw a lot of flowers on the drive to and from the Faire, but I didn't stop for any pictures. Yesterday, however, I was walking back from the mailbox and I was struck by these little-bitty daisy-like flowers that were growing right at the edge of the parking lot.

How small and fragile, I thought to myself. What a tenuous existence. At any moment, one of my neighbors could be walking to or from their car and squash this tiny plant without even noticing. And yet there it is, blooming alongside the asphalt, practically in the shadow of front bumpers.

Flowers are one of the many things that I know nothing about, so I have no idea what sort of plant this is. And I know the picture could be better, but my little view screen is hard to see in the bright, bright sun, so I pointed, zoomed in, and hoped for the best. One day I should really learn how to use my camera, but so far, the results of my inexpert shooting aren't too bad.

This is a post for those out there who think that we don't have seasons in the desert. Our Spring may be short, but it's beautiful. I love this time of year. The sky is so clear, the days are warm with a gentle breeze, and birds call night and day. Soon the palo verde trees will be in bloom, for a short time their branches will be literally covered in little yellow flowers, and then they'll all fall away, to blow around in every breeze. It's an amazing time.

Tomorrow, I'll have more beading to talk about, but today I just wanted to share these tiny blooms.


  1. Our cherry blossoms are blooming in time for the Festival! That almost never happens!

  2. My mom is still in Tucson, to experience the bloom of the desert. She says she's glad she stayed :) For me, it's nice to see wildflowers anywhere down there! LOL Oh yeah, when you have time, would you mind sending some sunshine my way? No more snow, just lots of cloud and rain :(

  3. A very nice post. Nothing is in bloom yet here in Illinois. Thanks for sharing your flower photos. :)

  4. Ooooh, cherry blossoms!

    Charlene, I'll try to send the sunshine your way... and some to Illinois for Christina, too!