Sunday, March 30, 2008

The end of an era, sort of.

Well, last night the D&D game that I've been playing in for the past three years or so finally came to its conclusion. I was growing a little tired of the system and the story, so I'm glad to have it done. I'm happy to say that the final session was a lot of fun, though, to the point where I actually wished we'd had one or two sessions left, just to carry the fun forward. Nonetheless, it was good that it ended where and when it did, and I'm looking forward to new games on the horizon. I call it the end of an era because it's very likely that I'll never play D&D again. Everyone in the group is really tired of it and far more interested in other systems, and no one wants to upgrade to the new 4th Edition which is coming out this year.

The game was so involved that I actually didn't make my crystal bracelets, which means I'll probably just take them to Wednesday's game and work on them there. Most of my beading at home is going to be focused on my BFAC project. I do have some ideas in mind for necklaces that I might make for the website and Etsy, though.

Not a whole lot else to say right now. I'm eager to get off of the computer and go bead!


  1. New picture! From the Ren Faire!

    There was a memorial (short) D&D game at the con for Gygax:

    That's my friend Cally in the middle -- she taught me to play Zar on Thursday.

  2. Hmmm, that just rolled over past the edge of the frame. I'll get a tinyurl:

    I wonder if I can make it a link...

  3. LOL, yep, I figured it was about time I put up a picture of myself on here. I didn't like last year's Ren Faire picture because it showed too much of my dreadfully white belly ;)

    (and now you know why I'm wearing the black lace turtleneck!)

    Wow, they played the original D&D rules? Those are older than I am :D

  4. Everybody playing was older than you are!