Thursday, March 27, 2008

All Glued Down -- Locked Away Part 2

I've finally started on Locked Away. Not that I've gotten very far. As you can see, I've drawn the outline of the shape I want for my pendant, and I've glued the two cabochons down. Now it's time to add beads! I'm actually going to get started on that after this post, it will give me something productive to do while Chris plays World of Warcraft. Usually I just bum around on the computer, but I'm trying to cut down on that.

I had to use a silver Sharpie pen to draw my design onto the black EZ Felt. I knew that thing would come in handy eventually! My original plan was to have my father draw it for me, as he can draw neatly and I cannot. I was worried about the symmetry. Then Chris, who is brilliant, pointed out that I could use a template. Wow, did that make sense. I just drew a few half-shapes on the paper until I had one I liked, I cut it out, traced the outline for one half, flipped it over, traced again. Ta da! Symmetry! I glued the cabs down right after, and let them cure for a good long time because I hate the smell of E6000.

In a couple of days, I should have images of actual beading progress.

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  1. Symmetry is an amazing thing! I'm looking forward to seeing in-progress!