Thursday, March 06, 2008

Locked Away? (Part 1)

You'll definitely want to click on the above image to get the full-size view, so you can really see everything that I've got piled onto the palette!

As you can see, I have gone maybe a little overboard on everything that I want to add to this year's BFAC kit! For my one added bead, I had to go with a size 15, and I chose a nice white-lined amber, to lighten the kit up a little bit, while nicely complimenting the amber tones already present. And then I went crazy on the non-bead items: a vintage coppery-bronze key; a titanium-coated druzy cab; 4 crystal chili pepper rivolis (two for the necklace, two for earrings); and of course, the keyhole cab from Melanie. She also sent me a pair of accents, which I may add to the necklace or earrings if that's not stretching the rules too much.

When I saw the bead kit, I first said "Great, I have no idea what I'll do with these!" But within 10 minutes, I was picking things off of my desk and adding them to the stack, to see how they went. I originally planned on adding an 11 in the same shade of amber, but then I realized I wanted to add the rivolis, and I needed to use a 15 for the bezel. When I added the key, that was when I knew that I had to have one of the keyholes that Melanie was developing for her Steam Stone line.

Did I mention how excited I was when I received my package yesterday? I had an idea that the glaze I chose would go well with the kit colors. Imagine my happiness when I discovered that not only did it go well with the kit, but the amber tones of the cab were exactly the same as the amber tones of the 15s. It's serendipitous.

All I need now is some felt to use as the base, and I am ready to start my project! I'm not sure yet what it's going to be called, but I think the name might involve secrets and things being locked away... So for blogging purposes, I'm going to use the working title "Locked Away" and that will be the tag you want to use if you want to track my progress... Because this is my first in-progress post for this project :D


  1. That is a great match, I can't wait to see what you do with the keyhole cab. LOVE that brass key too! and the drusy cab, it looke like it could fit right under the keyhole if you wanted. I am looking forward to seeing this progress...

  2. "and the drusy cab, it looke like it could fit right under the keyhole if you wanted"

    It's like you're reading my mind :D That is pretty much the plan!

  3. The colors look great together! Looking forward to seeing your progress.

  4. Funny you put in those particular rivolis. Same ones I had pulled out. Love the keyhole. I've always had a thing about keys.


  5. It looks great! Everything goes together so well!

  6. Thank you, everyone!

    Arline, so far that makes 3 of us using chili rivolis! It really goes perfectly with the ambery reds in the kit.