Thursday, November 08, 2007

Swirling Flames.

These earrings are called "Swirling Flames" and they're also going to Anime NebrasKon. They're made with a pair of Joan "Mothwoman" Eckard's lampworked beads, in fact, the same beads that I used in All Hallow's Sprite. It seemed silly to have a pair of little lampworked beads just sitting around, and I happened to have four opal-red beads that matched the red in the lampwork nicely, so ta da, earrings!

In totally unrelated news, I finished reading Fragile Things this week. I have to say that it did get better. Not only is Feeders and Eaters (a really disturbing little story) in there, but I really enjoyed Sunbird, and a couple of the poems. And of course, the novella Monarch of the Glen is in there, so if you don't already have the Legends volume which contains that story, it's a good way to catch up with Shadow from American Gods.

In the back of the book there's a little interview with Neil Gaiman, and he talks about the next book he hopes to write, which will be about a boy who's raised in a graveyard. This interests me, as it's a similar theme to the overly lengthy background story I wrote for a roleplaying character a few years back. I never finished the story, and the game is long since over. In some ways that makes the story a waste of time, but on the other hand, I enjoyed researching and writing it. It's one of the things that rekindled my interest in writing anything longer than a one-page background.

I've really felt like writing again, but I don't know if I'll find the time. At the very least I'm house-sitting next weekend, so maybe I'll take the laptop and get some quality writing time in then. It's easy to get a lot done at my friend's house, since she has dial-up so I don't even bother trying to get on-line (yeah, I'm a snob). Maybe the writing that I do then will tide me over for a while, or it will inspire me to rearrange my schedule and make time for writing.

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