Friday, November 02, 2007

I've got BEADS!

Ok, so the topic is a little obvious. Of course I've got beads, otherwise I couldn't make jewelry. But what I'm actually referring to is the fact that I received the special beads I was waiting for, to use in a special project. They're really awesome, too, but that's all I have to say until I finish the project.

Anyway, things have been going fairly well in Erthe Fae Land. Halloween was fun; I made great yarn hair ties and a yarn fringe belt for my Gothic Tribal dance costume. The whole costume turned out really well, so I look forward to wearing it again, I'm just not sure when. I can't wear it for dancing at home because my cats + yarn belt = disaster waiting to happen. And I can't wear it to the Renaissance Faire, because straw bale seats + yarn belt = straw belt. I'm house-sitting for my friend Helen in two weeks, so at the very least I can wear the belt then, when I take advantage of her large living room and dance it up a bit. I'm pretty sure that her dogs will not be as entranced by yarn fringe as my cats are!

Things also seem to be shaping up well for the business my husband is trying to start, which is definitely a relief for both of us.

The final for our Chinese class is a skit, and we've already been assigned work to start on that. It's going to take an insane amount of practice -- especially since we're not allowed to have a script to read when we perform, it has to be by memory. I'm not that great at memorizing English, so Chinese is going to be rough. The good thing is that we were allowed to choose our partners, so I'm working with Chris. It will be really easy to come up with a concept and practice together that way!


  1. Marilee J. Layman11/3/07, 1:28 PM

    Chris is starting a new business? How cool! I wish I could offer some startup money. What kind of business?

  2. Yes, he and two of his friends/former co-workers are starting a business together. Basically they will be making web-based applications for corporations to use. They may also do some fun stuff for the public to use, and if so, you know I'll post it here!

    The nice thing is, it's going to cost next to nothing to start up... They just need to buy webhosting and get the appropriate license(s). Once they start making money they'll rent an office and buy work computers, but they don't need that right away.

  3. Marilee J. Layman11/4/07, 1:52 PM

    Very neat!