Tuesday, November 06, 2007


As promised last week, here's an image of the ornaments involved in the 2007 Holiday Ornament Give-Away! Remember, any purchase of $50 or more made before December 15th 2007 is eligible to receive one of these beauties. Just say "Ornament me!" in the comments section of my shopping cart. This offer is good while supplies last, of course. Also, I will be giving away a larger, more ornate ornament, drawing to be held December 16th. All orders, regardless of size, will be placed into that drawing. You may also enter the drawing by posting about the Give-Away in your own blog, and contacting me with a blog link!

I updated the site today with a necklace called Eternity. You may recognize the Czech rectangles as being part of my September gem show haul. I really love how they look with the rectangular carving.

I'm not quite sure when the next website update will be. I may go back to Sundays, since I no longer run errands on Sunday, or I may stick with Monday, or I may go back to Friday... I'm having a little trouble adjusting my schedule to having Chris home all the time, on top of having class 2 nights a week, and gaming two times a week. I may fiddle around with the update schedule for the next few weeks until I find a day that I'm really happy with, but no matter what there will be jewelry every week.

One last thing: I LOVE MY NEW CAMERA! :D