Monday, November 12, 2007

Accidental Free Shipping Sale!

This morning I had a sale come through my PayPal cart, and it hadn't been charged shipping... So I logged into PayPal and saw that currently all of my shipping values were set to 0.00. They've apparently recently made a lot of changes to their shipping center, and must have lost my shipping costs somewhere along the way. No big deal, I'll just set them back up, right?

Oh no, that would be too easy! PayPal is giving me a stupid error message whenever I try to set up my shipping. Since I have other things to do today (like update my website), I'm leaving it as-is. That means that I am happy to announce the first-ever Erthe Fae Designs Accidental Free Shipping Sale! Every purchase made at will receive free insured first-class shipping! This sale will continue until I fix my shipping cart... And just to make things fair, I won't even try until sometime tomorrow. That means that today is the perfect day to either do a little holiday shopping, or buy yourself a special "It sure is Monday!" present. All items purchased today will be mailed tomorrow!

Don't wait! Act now! Take advantage of PayPal's inability to calculate my shipping rates!

(another update coming later today with new jewelry!)

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