Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Mythological Beasties.

Pegasus Flight is the result of my realization that though my jewelry is fantasy-themed, right now I have a pretty limited amount of fantasy creatures represented. Mostly just faeries and mermaids, and then jewelry inspired by legends of dryads and naiads and salamanders and gods. Part of this is because it's a little hard to find good fantasy-themed focals. Most of them ARE faeries and mermaids. Plenty of dragons, too, but somehow I hog all of those to myself... Anyway, now that I've noticed the problem, I'm going to work on solving it. Oh, I'll still buy faeries and mermaids, because I love them, but I'm going to look for dragons and unicorns and pegasi and whatever else I can find.

The Pegasus charm in this necklace was a random buy at a random gem show in NY last year. I think the lampwork is from one of Laurie Byrne Smith's Random Bead-Freeing incidents, too, so it's a very random necklace. Ok, really, really random. Maybe this will ruin the mystique for you, but this is how the necklace happened:

I was running out of room for beads, so I decided to try to use up some beads that I only had a few of. Usually I do strand collages for that, but I wanted something quicker, so I decided to do a strung necklace or three. I was going through my blue beads, and then I went looking for blue focals, and I found a few. I really thought that this one needed something dangling below it. Originally I was thinking just some wrapped crystals, like in Pan's Grove, but then I saw the Pegasus and I was all "Heeeey...." The cobalt and the white are to match the bead, and the light sapphire and opal blue are to suggest the sky.

All of the pictures that I took of it have that weird glare at the center. I think a sunbeam must have been coming through my kitchen window at just the right angle, because I've never had that happen before. I'll try for a new image next time I'm doing photography.

So what mythical beast would YOU like to see worked into a piece of jewelry?

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