Friday, November 23, 2007

Staying In.

When I was a kid, Black Friday was a fun time. Oh sure, the stores were crowded, but it was bearable. Mom and I used to go hit a department store or two. Nowadays, though, the shopping has become so competitive that it's not even worth it. When people go stand in line for 12 hours just so they can get a "door buster" at a particular store, things have grown out of hand.

So today I stayed home. I did consider heading over to the bead store, since they usually have sales on Black Friday, but Chris and I were both in a pretty lazy mood. It was so much nicer just to stay home, get a little work done, and have some fun. I finished the two bracelets that I'd started on Wednesday, and gave some thought to future projects.

Thanksgiving itself was good; we had a nice time with my family, and a great meal. My parents have a new cat, a half-grown Siamese mix named Loki. He's simply adorable. Of course, my own cats are pretty darned cute, too!


  1. Marilee J. Layman11/24/07, 1:35 PM

    Without realizing it was the start of the Winter Shopping Holiday, a couple weeks ago I made an appointment for lunch yesterday at a local giant mall. When someone reminded me on Wednesday, I set up to leave a half-hour early to wait for handicapped parking, but there was a spot open! I waited in the car for a bit because I didn't know if there were benches, but then I went in and there were. I handed the wedding attendant hair ornaments over to the mother of the bride and had lunch with her. She had to park beyond the ring road, but she's healthy, so no big deal.

  2. We did the same thing a couple of years ago! A friend was visiting his family in Phoenix for Thanksgiving, and we wanted to meet up... Well, I never go to Phoenix, so the only place I knew how to get to was the Arizona Mills Mall, which is right off the I-10. Not until after the plans were made did I realize that we were going to a HUGE mall on Black Friday. Oddly enough, it wasn't very crowded at all, and we had a nice (albeit brief) visit with our friend.