Monday, November 05, 2007

I'm going to buy a camera.

It's settled. I've just done some research on-line and picked a camera that looks good for my needs and my budget, and found out that my local Office Max has it on sale. So tonight I'm going to go look at it in person, and if I like it, it will come home with me. This means that I'm going to put off the website updates until tomorrow or Wednesday. After all, why take photos with my current camera when I'll likely have a shiny new one that will take better pictures?

My current camera was a surprise gift from a friend, and has served me really well. Before then, I had to scan all my jewelry... it wasn't pretty. I've felt so much more free to use larger focals now that I'm not constrained by a flatbed scanner. I'm probably going to find some sort of charity to give that camera to, so that someone else can benefit from it as much as I have.

I'm pretty excited. I don't often make electronics purchases. My last one was a printer, almost two years ago, and that wasn't very exciting at all. And of course, there was the laptop, but I share that with Chris and he made most of the decisions on it.

Tune in tomorrow, when regardless of what camera I have, I will post ornament pictures!

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