Monday, March 19, 2007

Two Really Good Days.

So, yesterday was a good day because we spent it out at Ren Faire. We both had a great time and picked up some nice things. I'm happy because I got to watch some very skilled dancers and think "That's what I'll be when I grow up!" I'm unhappy because the two main places with dance clothes kind of sucked. On the other hand, I did see a costume that would be great for fire spinning, if it was made of something other than mock velvet (gotta use natural fabrics when playing with fire). It was kind of a jester or acrobat outfit -- Tight, probably capri-length pants that laced up the sides, a brief tanktop that laced up the front, and a little vest over it.

The most amazing thing was that I pretty much avoided sunburn. I have a few small places that feel a little tender, but mostly my skin came out unscathed. It helps that Chris bought me this really nice painted umbrella which did a great job of keeping the sun off. Since it was so hot and sunny, but with only the occasional light breeze, umbrellas were very popular out at the Faire! I saw a lot of people carrying them, and one lady near the end of the day asked where I'd purchased mine... After I told her, she said she wished she'd started the day out with one!

In a way, today was even better than yesterday, because Chris finally received a promotion that he's been trying to get for years. We'd both given up hope of him ever receiving it, so it was a very pleasant surprise. To celebrate, we'll be going out to the local dessert spot. Mmmm.

Today's Cool Thing is Cynthia Bicker's BFAC necklace. If you love dragonflies, you will be stunned by this necklace! It's one of my favorite items for this year. And of course, this is my not-so-subtle way of directing you towards this week's BFAC auctions ;)

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