Friday, March 30, 2007

Fashionable Friday -- Best Foot Forward

Ahhh, warmer weather! Finally it's time to put away the boots and sneakers, say good-bye to socks, and slip into a pair of sandals! As someone who loves to walk around her home barefoot whenever possible, I am always glad when sandal season comes around. And of course, sandal season is also anklet season, and I do love my anklets!

With Spring here and Summer quickly on the way, I'm working on increasing the selection of anklets on my site. I have four anklets in two new styles up, one of which is illustrated above These anklets are of course best worn with a slide or thong that doesn't have an ankle strap, and are perfectly delightful with bare feet.

Of course, you'll need some sandals to wear them with! Store shelves are full of them, but you can also shop on-line. I love mohop's sandals. What could be more stylish than having ribbon straps that are perfectly coordinated with the beads in your anklet? I can just see it now! I also really like these cool Chesapeake Bay sandals that I found on Etsy. I wish the seller had more ephemera sandals, because I think that is just too awesome.

After being cooped up all Winter, your feet may be in need of a little TLC to get them in their best shape for those revealing sandals. As nice as it is to go out for a pedicure, it's also nice to pamper your feet at home! There are many wonderful independent bath and beauty companies on the web who have great foot spa products that you may want to try.

Body Systems has a nice selection, including a salt soak with wasabi in it!

Foster's Creations has several items for your consideration. I love the foot-shaped soaps!

Flower Peddler has a large selection of products, including a Tired Tootsies spray which sounds nice for when your feet need a little pick-me-up and you're too tired for a full pedicure.

Bidwell Botanicals' selection includes a PM foot repair set designed to shape your feet up while you sleep.

Cioccolatina has wonderful-sounding Tingly Foot Butter, and is based in the UK, which may be a plus for any European readers out there!

Lindsay's Candles and Stuff recommends her body butter and sugar scrub for pedicure uses as well.

Tranquil Meadow has an entire line of new foot care products coming soon, so please check back with them in the future!

No matter which of these companies you choose to buy your scrubs, soaks, and creams from, you'll probably want to consider Earthenwood Studios' terra cotta foot scrubbies and smoothies. I've received rave reviews of them and really must purchase some of my own!

Those sandals sure are looking inviting now!


  1. Love the anklet! The silver paired with the blue color of the beads is very summery! Nice work!

  2. Thank you! I am really pleased with it, those vintage Japanese beads are simply smashing :)