Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Burning and BFAC.

Last night I went out with my brother and a couple of his fire-loving friends to the desert, where we had a bonfire and played with various spinning devices. Oh, and there was much roasting of marshmallows. Although it's been very warm during the day, nights out in the desert are still cool enough that it's nice to put on a long-sleeve shirt and stand next to a fire. Until my brother dumps a ton of lamp oil on it... Then you want to stand about 20 feet away from the fire! There was a bit of wind, so I decided not to do a burn with my fans -- I'm not very good with them yet, so the last thing I needed was a sudden gust to light me on fire -- but I did practice with them unlit. It was nice to be out someplace where we could all play with fire and not worry about disturbing anyone or lighting anything on fire that we didn't mean to -- Because when I say "the desert" I mean a home in the desert, with a nice cleared dirt lot. No brushfires for us!

Last night's "bit of wind" turned into today's constant wind and overcast skies. I'm really hoping for some nice Spring rain, to keep down the dust. Ren Faire this past weekend was terribly dusty... my once-black shoes are now brown.

The Layne's Legacy - Beading For A Cure auctions are doing very well this year. I'm so happy to see all the bids coming in, and I can't wait until my necklace goes up! That should be sometime next month. In the meantime, I've already received my kit for the 2008 project! I am sworn to secrecy until all of the new participants receive their kits as well. As such, I'm going to wait at least a couple of weeks to start on any projects. I'd really like to do a series of "in progress" posts on this blog for this year's BFAC project. I hope you'll all enjoy it!

Today's Cool Thing is these great Wrapped Silver Bracelets. I wish I'd seen these to be included in my most recent Fashionable Friday column! They'd be right at home on the wrist of a dancer at the Faire. They kind of remind me of something that one of the women in "300" would be wearing, too. Very stylish!

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