Thursday, March 08, 2007

Of Music, Seasons, and More.

Despite it being over a week and a half until the Vernal Equinox, here in Tucson we've had beautiful 80 degree weather all week. It's been very pleasant and I feel so energized. Not only have I been dancing, but I started working out again. This is my favorite sort of weather, and I'm going to enjoy it while I can, because soon enough it will be 100+.

It's odd, but all Winter I was pretty content to work in silence. I only turned on music when I wanted to dance, and I didn't mind that Chris hadn't been playing his iPod all night. But since the weather started warming up, suddenly I've wanted music. I guess it all started when I was thinking about a band I used to listen to a lot, and how I hadn't in a while, and how, come to think of it, there were a lot of bands that I loved, and wasn't listening to. So it's been very musical around here lately. Today alone I'm up to my third CD.

Yesterday I was working on finishing up my new tribal necklace, and I decided I really needed some tribal music to go with it. So first I played some Dead Can Dance. Their "Spiritchaser" album is some of my favorite dance music, so it seemed fitting. Then I broke out the Afro-Celt Soundsystem, which I hadn't listened to in almost a year. WOW! I forgot how much I liked them. I ended up dancing to them later -- the music is so high-energy that it's a lot of fun for dancing, and a great workout, too. I was exhausted when I finished, and that was just a little more than 15 minutes. Of course, I did finish the necklace first, and it looks awesome. I'll share it sometime next week.

The jewelry is all ready for tomorrow's update! Today I was going to do photography, but I have company coming over so I had to clean instead. Bah!

Today's Cool Thing is which has a HUGE selection of pin-back buttons by various artists. Woohoo! I sure do love buttons.

And, of course, the BFAC auctions are still cool! ;)

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