Thursday, June 30, 2011

Where to find me: Desert Shakedown!

Yesterday I signed up to vend my jewelry at the Desert Shakedown! I set up at this event last year (when it was called the Fall Festival) and I didn't really do well, but this year the event will be at a nicer venue and I have ideas to add some lower-priced items to my selection in recognition of the fact that Arizona's economy is still depressed and most of us do not have an extra $50 to drop on an awesome tribal necklace.

One thing that I'm very happy about is that this year, the vendors will be in the same area as the stage, so I'll be able to watch belly dance ALL DAY while I sell jewelry! Last year my booth was facing the street, and there was a building between the vendors and the dance stage. It was fun to see a small parade of classic cars drive by, but it was annoying to only get to see a few people dance, and then only because I kept asking my booth neighbors to keep an eye on my things.

Anyway, I think it's going to be a really good event, so if you're in the Phoenix area on October 8th, you should stop in to see some dancing and do some shopping.


  1. Glad to see you'll be there. Are you taking any classes?

  2. Will you be there, too? I sure hope so! I'm not sure yet if I'm going to take any classes. I'd kind of like to take one from Heidi because I adore her and I've never had a class or workshop with her. It will depend on if I can get someone to watch my booth for two hours :P

    Also debating whether I should try for a performance slot.

  3. Good luck at the show! Love your display pieces.

  4. Yes, I'm hoping to be there for at least one workshop. I'm looking at Miriam's, Sherry's & Helena's workshops.

    The troupe is registered to perform, but I haven't heard yet if we've been given a time.

    I'm so glad this is at a larger venue this year.

  5. Thank you, Athena! I get those displays from a local business. They're made from teak wood! I love how nice they look, *and* they don't blow over at windy outdoor shows, unlike the flat fake velvet ones ;) Of course, they're also more expensive, so it's going to take me a while to amass a good collection for vending.

    SaraBeth, if I did cabaret I would totally take Helena's workshop, it sounds like fun and I'd love to see those old school routines revived. I hope the new venue has better parking. It sucked to set up at the Alwun House, I had to park on the street and my friends and I had to carry the canopy, tables, etc a block and a half to the venue.

  6. I like the Alwun House for a lot of things, but parking isn't one of them.

    The new venue is a church so it should have fairly decent parking.

  7. Here on the East Coast, almost all churches have a lot of stairs (and most are old enough that they don't have to be made accessible). What are they like there? I don't go to church, but I have a pretty good idea of what's accessible and what's not.

  8. It definitely doesn't make sense to have an event like the Shakedown at a venue that has so little dedicated parking that everyone has to go park in fronts of peoples' houses on the street.

    Marilee, I have admittedly only been into a couple of churches in the time I've lived in Tucson (and none in Phoenix), but most places here do not really have a lot of stairs. Almost everything is single-story!

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